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  • A Few New Photos on my Fotos Page

    I have added a few photos to the slideshow on my Fotos Page.  You may view thumbnails in a larger format by clicking on the thumbnail.  You may view a slideshow by dragging cursor over enlarged thumbnail and clicking on the arrows that appear. 

    I hope you enjoy them. 


  • Coming Soon

    This page represents an unfulfilled dream.  Someday soon (I've been saying that for over a year) I would like to have some of my photographs available for purchase and also have cards, etc. featuring my photos for sale.  I thought the best way to accomplish my goal was to create the page and make my goal more concrete.  I will keep you posted on my progress...

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My Photographs

I enjoy seeing life through my viewfinder. Here are a few shots I have taken along the way.  In the near future some of my photographs will be available to purchase.

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