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From Santa Fe

At one time the ex-husband formerly known as Prince and I shared a second home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We enjoy the weather, the views, the art, the food, the people...come to think of it, there isn't much about Santa Fe that we didn't like.  Possibly how dry my skin becomes while I am there, but other than that, it is least in our opinion. 

One of the best things about Santa Fe is the food.  Often friends who are planning a trip to The City Different ask me where they should eat while they are there.  There are far more things to do in Santa Fe than eat, but it seems to be at the top of most people's lists while there. 

This page is dedicated to all things Santa Fe and New Mexico.

Living With Grace

  • A Rainbow of Hope

    I love rainbows. I seldom see one horizon to horizon...I took this shot from the front portal at Casa Yoeckel in Santa Fe...ahhhh. 


  • Santa Fe's Farmer's Market

    Farmer's Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of my favorite places to visit when I am in The City Different.  If you are planning a trip to Santa Fe this summer be sure to check it out. 

    It is open on Saturday mornings 8am - 1 pm. And beginning May 3, it will be open on Tuesday mornings also.

    If you haven't been to Santa Fe for a couple of years you will want to note that it is in a new location near the corner of Paseo de Peralta and S. Guadalupe Street.  It has a fabulous new location with indoor vendors and lots of room for outdoor vendors. It is now all on concrete.  If you are a purist, you may miss the dust and dirt from the previous I do.  For a map click here.

    I thought I would share several photographs that I've taken at Farmer's Market.  Not only does it have amazing flowers and vegetables, it is one of the best places in the world to people watch. 

















    This photo printed on canvas hangs in my breakfast room. 













    Yes, he is doing what you think he is doing! 


    If you would like to take your dog, they have dog sitters that will lovingly care for your pet while you are shopping! Only in Santa Fe.  


    Living with Grace...and i'm grace 

  • Cuervo, New Mexico

    As I have noted many times, I have made the drive from Oklahoma City to Santa Fe, NM far more times than I can count. 

    On the route that loosely follows US Route 66 there are many tiny tourist type attractions to see.  One that has always intrigued me is Cuervo, NM.  Approximately six hours and 45 minutes west of Oklahoma City at exit 291, on the south side of the Interstate 40, is a ghost town known as Cuervo.  For as long as I have been making the trip east to west and west to east, I have wondered about the little village and fantasized about its history.  

    I have stopped a few times and as time passes it seems that everything is lower.  The shells that were once homes seem shorter than the time before.  It is nestled in a harsh area for weather.  Extreme conditions ranging from bitter winters to scorching summers – coupled with abysmal neglect have fed the ghost town pallor.  Even in its decay, I seldom pass or stop that there are not folks around with their cameras capturing a bit of Americana past.  It like the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, TX seems to attract the curious.

    In the photos that follow note that many of the homes were first wooden box cars from the railroads.  I have been told that many of the homes near the heart/Plaza of Santa Fe started as old box cars that were aligned on a lot and somewhat renovated and made into homes.  As time passed rooms were added and the homes expanded but at the heart of homes that still stand is an old railroad boxcar.   

    I hope you enjoy my photographs. 


    Living with Grace...and my camera...and i'm grace



  • More from The Pink Adobe - Santa Fe

    The Pink Adobe, located at 406 Old Santa Fe Trail in Santa Fe, New Mexico has been a Santa Fe tradition since 1944.  This is a shot of the restaurant that I took a few of years ago after a beautiful snow.  

    The restaurant was started by Rosalea Murphy as a means to support her first love, painting.  She thought that opening a restaurant was a good investment.  She wrote, “I could paint, cook and support myself all under the same roof.” 

    Her first menu included only three choices; hamburgers, onion soup and her unique apple pie. 

    She was a strong woman in a male dominated era.  To be successful she relied on “a firm hand and a quick tongue” to insure that her restaurant had a reputation for “quality and perfection.” 

    Often in the early days, in order to have enough hamburger meat to serve, she would take the money from a customer after he paid for his food and run down the street to buy more meat to serve other customers. 

    Rosalea had an interesting life before coming to Santa Fe to join other artists.  She was originally from New Orleans and San Antonio.  Her taste in food was a reflection of her eclectic past. 

    She once wrote, “…it is quite natural that my inclinations and tastes in food are Creole, and Santa Fe afforded the most compatible of backgrounds for this type of food.  The diversity of the French and Spanish influences are very apparent in Creole cooking.  The subtle, delicate flavors of the Gaelic are combined with the hot and fiery seasonings of the Iberian.  Added to that is my Southern background - hot corn bread and black-eyed peas – and there you have what I call Creole cooking.”

    Her first restaurant was located in the historic Barrio del Analco, across the street from San Miguel Chapel, the oldest church in the United States (see photograph I took a few years ago), and adjacent to The Pink Adobe’s present location.  The Barrio was built in the 1600’s as the first European settlement in New Mexico.  After it was burned during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 it was rebuilt after the re-conquest of Don Diego DeVargas.  It is believed that the main dining room served as a barracks for DeVargas’s soldiers. 

    Rosalea was a vibrant person, holding her own among the “unique” personalities of many of her Santa Fe contemporaries.  For instance, she had a pet monkey named Chango that was a regular at the restaurant.  Occasionally he ran amok jumping from tree to tree on the patio and overturning all of the sugar bowls. 

    As time passed, the restaurant became known for its food, weekend parties and monthly art showings.  Many famous artists living in Santa Fe at the time frequented the parties and showed their art.  Some even worked as dishwashers and waiters to support themselves and their art.  As the popularity of the restaurant grew, Rosalea’s time became more consumed with restaurant business and less with her art.  It would take several decades for Rosalea to find the time to once again enjoy her first love, art. 

    The Pink Adobe is a reflection of its colorful owner who died in 2000.  That is the reason that so many Santa Feans are thrilled, as I am that the family, who sold the restaurant a few years ago, once again owns it and manages it. 

    Our recent dinner there was delicious.  We ordered traditional favorites; dishes that the restaurant is known for.  Since it had been a few years since we’d been there, we thought that ordering the “tried and trues” would be a good way to renew our acquaintance. 

    The dinner menu offers appetizers, salads, entrees and New Mexican favorites.  Cocktails are available as well as a reasonably priced wine list. 

    Aside from the wonderful food, I enjoy the cozy atmosphere at The Pink Adobe.  Walking into the restaurant is like taking a step back in time.  Each room has a cozy kiva with a warming fire and looks as it has for many, many years.  I felt myself calming as we were seated…

    The staff is well trained and friendly.  When we arrived we ordered margaritas and asked if we could sit and enjoy our drinks before we ordered dinner.  In many Santa Fe restaurants, it seems the staff tries to rush diners along so that they will vacate their chairs, so they can be filled by others.  We did not feel that at The Pink Adobe.  Our waiter Mark was close by if we needed anything but did not hover or make us feel rushed.  His level of attentiveness was perfect. 

    Before our food arrived we were greeted by Joe Hoback, one of the owners along with his mother Priscilla.  He was warm and engaging and made us feel as if we were the only customers in the restaurant.  He even sat down for a few minutes as we discussed Santa Fe and his family.  After he moved on, I observed that he greeted each table in the same way.  Each as if they were the most important diners in the restaurant.  Many restaurants serve good food, but having the owner on the premises during lunch and dinner is a nice touch.  After I thought about it, I realized that most of our favorite restaurants offer this personal touch.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that they are our favorite restaurants. 

    Rosalea’s first Pink Adobe cookbook titled “Cooking with a Silver Spoon” was first printed in 1956 and was reprinted 17 times.  It is now a prized collector’s item.   

    In 1988 a newer version of her cookbook was printed featuring the story of The Pink Adobe, some of her original recipes and her art.  

    That printing is a bit hard to find now, but a newer version is currently available at the restaurant and online through Amazondotcom.  Follow this link if you are interested in purchasing a copy. 

    The next time you are in Santa Fe I hope you visit The Pink Adobe either at lunch or dinner.  If you do, tell Joe that you read about his wonderful restaurant on gracielanedotcom…and be careful of the margaritas, they pack a powerful punch! 

    Living with Grace…and I’m grace

    Follow these links to:

    Pink Adobe Website

    Pink Adobe Lunch Menu

    Pink Adobe Dinner Menu

    General Information including hours, telephone number and map 

  • An Evening at The Pink Adobe - Santa Fe

    Because we had such a fabulous evening at The Pink Adobe, I am not up to writing much.  Too much food, too much conversation and too much food!  Do I hear an echo?

    To celebrate my new blog site Hubby and I went to The Pink Adobe in Santa Fe.  We wanted to have a special evening to commemorate the unveiling of the new blog.  We had heard from several of our Santa Fe friends that the original owners had resumed management/ownership of the restaurant and that it was once again back to its original standards…fabulous!  It is a Santa Fe that is.

    We had to taste and see for ourselves.

    I will give you more details tomorrow when my tummy isn’t so full.  I am not sure how a full tummy impairs my brain, but it does.

    For the time being just know that we thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  I had the French Onion Soup and Fried Shrimp Louisiane and Hubby ordered the Pink Adobe Salad and Poulet Marengo Pink Adobe.  Both main course recipes are featured in The Pink Adobe Cookbook.

    Stay tuned for a bit of special news about the wonderful Pink Adobe Cookbook…I have one to give away to one of my readers...would you like to have one?  Details on Monday...stay tuned.

    Here a few photos from our special evening…

    Fried Shrimp Louisiane

    Poulet Marengo Pink Adobe - Hubby gave it three thumbs up...don't ask how he did that!  Oh and he took a bite of the onion ring before I could take the picture...

    Rosalea's Legendary French Apple Pie with Hard Sauce - AMAZING!

    Mark the fabulous waiter and me - he actually has OKC ties...

    Joe Hoback, owner/partner The Pink Adobe - Joe has Oklahoma ties also!  Imagine that!?!

    More delicious details to follow.  If you happen to have the opportunity to go to The Pink Adobe before my review on Monday...go!  Enjoy!  It is fabulous!

    Living with Grace...and i'm grace...burp!

  • Briefly - Santa Fe Restaurant Recommendations

    Santa Fe, New Mexico is a food Mecca. From white table cloth restaurants to mobile taco stands – you name it and Santa Fe has it and the food isdelizioso.

    Because we have a second home in Santa Fe, we are often asked by friends where they should eat when planning a trip to The City Different.

    For today, I will include a brief list – but as time passes, I plan to write more in-depth about some of our favorites.My plan is to feature “local” favorites as well as the most well known in town.

    If I focused only on fabulous restaurants in Santa Fe for my blog articles, I could probably post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about 3 years! Fortunately for my thighs, I plan to cover other topics, so in the meantime, here is a brief and extremely inadequate list.

    Key: B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner, R = reservations recommended, NR = reservations not accepted

    My list is not in order of preference except for the first entry –

    Harry’s Roadhouse – 96B Old Las Vegas Highway - typically our first stop when hitting town – unique menu featuring New Mexican cuisine with twist! Great baked goods. Daily specials and fab margaritas! Yes, there really is a Harry! Beautiful outdoor dining in season. B, L, D, NR  FEATURED ON DIVES, DRIVE INS AND DIVES

    Pink Adobe – 406 Old Santa Fe Trail, parking in back – is back on our list. It was family owned and then sold a few years ago (went down hill) and now the family owns it again. Rave reviews since reopening. Santa Fe institution since 1944 – great cookbook available also– nice to have it back! L, D, R

    Andiamo! 322 Garfield Street – near Sambusco 505-995-9595 Love it! Nice atmosphere, great menu, impeccable service, consistant. L, D, R

    Restaurant Martin – (pronounced Marteen)  526 Galisteo St. – 505-820-0919 We have been to this restaurant several times and have not been disappointed. Nice menu, outdoor dining seasonal. L, D, R

    Ristra – 548 Agua Fria Street, 505-982-8608 – a bit hard to locate…tiny sign, entrance doesn’t face the street. Good food, good service, nice atmosphere. L, D, R

    Il Piatto 95 W. Marcy St. 505-984-1091 – Italian - Very good. Consistant. L,D,R

    Chocolate Maven - Fun and Fabulous!  See details and my review with pictures by clicking here.  B, L, D NR/R (dinner/depending on season)  Also serves Traditional High Tea each afternoon. 

    Osteria d’Assisi – 58 Federal Place - authentic regional Italian cuisine – delightful, 2 blocks from the Plaza. I once had lunch and dinner there – the same day – does that tell you anything?  L, D, R

    Gabriel’s – Exit 176 (Cuyamungue Exit) Highway 285 North (5 minutes from Santa Fe Opera) - food of the Southwest and Old Mexico – a must visit for us every time we are in SF – guacamole prepared tableside and killer Silver Coin margaritas! Beautiful outdoor dining in season. L, D, R?

    Vinaigrette – 709 Don Cubero Alley – on Cerrillos between Guadalupe and Paseo de Peralta– a bit difficult to find (neatly hidden behind Visions Photo & La Unica Cleaners) but worth the effort - a salad bistro – that sounds ordinary – Vinaigrette is not ordinary – majority of ingredients grown by the owner, outdoor dining in season, L, D, R?

    315 Restaurant & Wine Bar – 315 Old Santa Fe Trail – walking distance from Plaza - for a special dining experience – French inspired - some of the best service we have ever had.D, R

    Galisteo Bistro – 227 Galisteo Street, 505-982-3700 Easy walk from Plaza, open less than a year – Tapas, pizza, Pasta, classic Bistro fare – super impressed. Robert is the owner - always on site.

    Andiamo – 322 Garfield – near Sambusco Market Center – 505-986-9190 A nice walk from Plaza delizioso D, R

    Pranzo Italian Grill – 540 Montezuma, Sambusco Market Center, near the Santa Fe Railyard, consistently good L, D, R

    Clafoutis – on Guadalupe - next to Blake’s Lota Burger which is 404 Guadalupe (Beware - I don’t recommend Blake’s, Prince got food poisoning there!) – Easy walk from Plaza, French bistro and bakery – one of my favorites.
    Gorgeous pastries, baguettes, croissants, crepes, palmiers, if it’s a French pastry or specialty, they make it. A breakfast must! Oh, and you can order a bowl of coffee! *Parking is limited – be patient and careful! Don’t park at the dry cleaners next door – they don’t like that! B, L, NR

    Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen – 555 W. Cordova Rd. – known for featuring 125 different margaritas – our friends’ favorite – we can take it or leave it. We’ve had bad service every time we’ve been there. Santa Fe institution. L, D, R

    The Ore House – on the Plaza – I haven’t eaten a “real meal” there but it is a fun place to have a beer or margarita after hoofing it around the Plaza for several hours. L, D, R for Dinner only (Closing soon, lost lease, another restaurant going in its place)

    Cowgirl BBQ – yes, in Santa Fe. Consistently Best of Santa Fe Winner for Live Entertainment. I haven’t eaten there but want to. Not a lot of “night life” in Santa Fe, so check this out for live entertainment, D, NR

    Bobcat Bite – 420 Old Las Vegas Highway – THE BEST HAMBURGER IN THESE PARTS – MAYBE ANYWHERE! Consistently written about in travel and food magazines. 11:00 - 7:15 pm Wed. - Sat., Out of season they are open fewer days – call for up to date schedule – 505.983.5319. Tip: NR – are you kidding? When you arrive write your name on the chalk board outside the front door. Do not go in until you are called. There is no room to stand inside - there are only 5 tables and a chair height bar for about 6 people. This year they added plastic sides to the front porch where you wait. That is a huge improvement over what that had. You may wait in your car if there is no room on the front porch. Don’t miss the Bobcat Bite experience! Say hi to Bonnie and John for us.

    Real Food Nation – To read my review with pictures click here.  At the intersection of Highway 285 (the highway from Clines Corners to Santa Fe) and Old Las Vegas Highway – a few miles from town but well worth the drive – delicious, delicious food. B, L, D, NR. Family Friendly – indoor play nook and large outdoor play area. Owners have two little boys, so they don’t just tolerate children, they welcome them. Andrew and Blythe are the owners – he is an award winning James Beard chef – specialty pastries, she is a super out front person. One of my new favorites! Even a drive through – rare in SF for such a great place. I will write more about them very soon!

    Tune Up Cafe - 1115 Hickox St. - tiny, in a neighborhood, formerly Dave's Not Here! Only in Santa Fe! El Salvadoran - try the pupusas for lunch or the Huevos El Salvadorenos for breakfast for El Salvadoran influenced favorites - 7 am - 10 pm M - Sun. Love it! My first pupusas and I'm hooked!  FEATURED ON DINERS, DRIVE INS AND DIVES

    Whew, I am pooped and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I will write more details soon.

  • More About Grace

    Welcome. My name is Grace.

    I am a daughter, a friend, was a wife, now an ex-wife, a mother, a wife (again), a step-mother and a grandmother. I listed those in chronological order, not necessarily in order of importance. The order of importance seems to shift from day to day as I attempt to approach each day with grace.

    I enjoy writing, photography, jewelry design, observing, traveling and food, both preparing and consuming.

    I had another life when I worked in an office that wasn’t in my home and I worked with other people – some of whom I liked and some I didn’t. For a while now I have been my own boss and some days I like that and some days I don’t. My job description is a bit ambiguous and the pay isn’t all that great, but it seems I have found my niche.

    I like to create. I like to think. I like to ask questions. I like to read. I like to take pictures of things that most people pass by and don’t notice. I like to capture grace with my camera and I like to write about all of those things.

    Grace is an important word to me. I realized a long time ago, it is much more than a name; it is a state of mind. I enjoy studying grace; I enjoy thinking about it and seeing it demonstrated in peoples’ lives.

    I have decided to share my journey through my blog. It occurred to me that I am probably not the only one dealing with aging parents, grandbabies and hot flashes. I am actually comforted by the thought that someone else’s mirror is distorting their otherwise toned backside just like mine is. Let’s blame it on the mirror, shall we?
    Singer, songwriter Jewel once wrote: I’m becoming more and more myself with time. I guess that’s what grace is, the refinement of your soul through time.

    I am a bit confused how someone who looks 12 years old could write with such wisdom.

    I guess I have some catching up to do.

    I’d better get started…living with grace.

  • Santa Fe Sunsets

    I took these photographs Thursday evening, January 6, 2011. 

    Sunsets in New Mexico are amazing but sometimes they are downright spectacular!  I think this was one of those nights.  The clouds were swirled like I’ve never seen them before.  The colors were so vivid, they almost hurt my eyes. 

    I hope you enjoy the majesty of God’s creation on this wonderful Sunday. 


    Living with Grace…and i’m grace

  • New Year's Day in New Mexico

    We arrived in Santa Fe a few days before New Years and about 20 minutes from our house it began to snow. I confess, I’d prayed for snow the whole way and when it finally came I was as happy as a child.

    When we woke up the first morning after arriving it was 7 degrees. The second morning it was 1 degree. I hadn’t asked for that part, but since we had a beautiful blanket of about 6 inches of snow, I just bundled up and tried not to complain. We have radiant heat in our house which means the pipes are under the brick floor and take quite a while to heat the house – 12 to 24 hours. We can’t go in and adjust the thermostat and expect to be warmer any sooner than tomorrow. Brrrrrrrrr

    New Years Day started with me trudging around in the snow taking pictures and George and Gracie playing in the beautiful cold flakes. I discovered that Gracie was far tougher than George. Girl power! She asked to go out often and he would just watch her through the window. I bet he was thinking I am far too smart to go out in single digit weather, but you go ahead…and when you come in, don’t get near me with your cold nose.

    The rest of the day went as follows:

    George rooting in the snow on one of his rare ventures out. He found our "planter" on the patio - we call it a planter since we are not supposed to have a fire pit - shhh, don't tell anyone.

    Gracie joins him as they sniff out the remnants of our last outdoor fire.

    Gracie brought a small piece of the burned wood into the house before I noticed it. She had black soot everywhere.

    Snow on our ristra - beautiful winter in New Mexico

    Snow on the Pyracantha bush

    This was the beautiful sunset on New Year's Day. Sunsets in New Mexico are spectacular.

    Before the game we had a nice dinner in the kitchen. I made a big pot of bean soup, with lots of black eyed peas for a prosperous New Year and homemade biscuits - I had a hard time selecting a bottle of wine though - what kind of wine goes with beans for goodness sake?

    After dinner we built a fire so we could watch the Fiesta Bowl. Go Sooners!

    Now all tucked in for the big game.

    Oklahoma scores!

    If you are not from Oklahoma you probably don't know that the Sooners have lost the last 5 times they appeared in a BCS bowl game. It is our turn to win...we hope!

    Gracie lost interest before the end of the first quarter...light weight!

    I had to show you this shot of George and Gracie. They sleep like furry book ends on the sofa. As I've told you before, Hubby doesn't like to appear on my blog, so I just cut him out and "filled in the blank!" Yippee for Photoshop! BTW, notice the plaid pants and argyle socks. Earlier in the day he had a plaid shirt on also...brown and red...the combination actually hurt my eyes. My hubby the fashion forward man!

    Living with Grace...and i'm grace

  • You May Take the Low Road

    On our recent trip to Taos, we took the High Road.  On the return trip...we took the Low Road.  I would be remiss if I didn't share a few shots of our return trip to Santa Fe - just a few reasons New Mexico is call The Land of Enchantment...


    Leaving Taos we took Route 68 back to Santa Fe.  We followed the Rio Grande River for much of the way.


    The road beautifully winds along the river like a snake. 


    Some of the jagged mountains along the way are rocky and barren and other are lushly covered with an assortment of greens. 


    A lush path follows the river - from the sky it looks like a bright green ribbon curving through an otherwise barren landscape. 


    This is a view looking back north. 


    I love this road as it follows the curve of the landscape and river. 

    Living with Grace...and i'm grace

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  • More About Grace

    Welcome. My name is Grace. I am a daughter, a friend, was a wife, now an ex-wife, a mother, a wife (again), a step-mother and a grandmother.
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