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In the Zone

In the Zone

I have a few sayings that I say fairly often.  One is when asked why someone does something, usually rude, selfish or another unflattering behavior” (i.e., Why in the heck do they do that?) I say, “Because it works!” 

If you’ve noticed, people seldom do things that don’t work. 

If it gets results, they will repeat it, even if it is bad. 

While you are chewing on that one, I will throw out the one I say just as often.

Often our best qualities are also our worst qualities.  Think about it…

Example:  One of my best qualities is that I am focused.  When working on a project I tend to get into the zone and often can accomplish a lot.  I can write a lot or read a lot or do a lot.   

But while I am in the zone I forget the clock, I forget my To Do List and I often forget to eat.  I forget to make important phone calls, fill prescriptions or write thank you notes; all things that I consider important.  I once forgot to pick up my daughter from her piano lesson.  In the interest of full disclosure, it was only a 30 minute lesson.  I dropped her off and decided to run a couple of errands while she was occupied.  An hour and fifteen minutes later something didn’t seem quite right.  Something was missing, oh, it was my daughter!  Holy cow, how could I have forgotten a whole child? 

The last several days I have been working on some projects that I consider important.  I have accomplished a lot, which is good but last evening it hit me that I had failed to do some things that were equally important. 

I don’t think that my neglect can be chalked up to poor memory, even though I have that condition also.  I didn’t forget to do the things on my list.  I actually remembered them more than once during the day, the problem is, I chose not to do them because I was in the zone.  I didn’t want to break my concentration I suppose, but whatever the reason, I think I need to work on this annoying trait. 

It annoys my husband, which bothers me, but it also irritates me, and I confess I am a bit more concerned about that.  Don’t tell me you don’t feel the same way from time to time…

So today, in an effort to alter my tendencies, I made a schedule for myself.  I sat down and thought about the things I needed to do today and made a timeline. 

As I mention in almost every article that I write, I am a work in progress.  I am not so old or set in my ways that I say, “That is just how I am.”  For my sake, as well as those around me, I would like to be a better me. 

We’ll see how this goes – I’ll keep you posted on my progress or lack thereof, after all, I am an old dog…

Back to the real world tomorrow after a few days in aspen paradise…please remind me again why I don’t just stay out west! 


I don't have any photos that are appropriate for this article, so I thought I would share some of the wonderful fall shots from the mountains near Santa Fe.  The aspens were absolutely brilliant! 

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