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Summer Grace

Summer Grace

My love of working with plants and gardening began at an early age.  When I was in the first grade we made gifts for our mothers for Mother’s Day by cutting the tops off our little milk boxes and planting a coleus plant.  When mine grew too tall I pinched it off and put the cutting in a glass of water and rooted it for planting.  Soon my mother’s kitchen was filled with coleus plants, every window sill and shelf.  My mother was always good about letting me do things like this which encouraged me to try many different projects. 

When I was in the third grade I had a flower garden.  This time I grew marigolds.  I grew the plants with a plastic contraption that we bought called, if I remember correctly, a Punch and Grow.  It was compact and obviously an effective way to start seeds.  When they were large enough I transplanted them in our side yard in an area that I prepared for my garden.  As luck would have it, as mid-summer approached we moved from that house to another and I insisted on digging up my marigolds and transporting them to our new home in my wagon.  With my mom’s help, we pulled the wagon all of the way to our new house where I found the perfect place to transplant them.  They must’ve liked the road trip because they grew well in their new soil. 

Out of all of the silly things I’ve done over the years with plants, most of it worked, so when I was very young I decided I had a green thumb.  Looking back, I am not sure my thumb was any greener than anyone else’s but maybe because I didn’t know that, I always expected the best. 

About 4 years ago I planted some Calla Lily bulbs and they have given me great pleasure.  I had no idea at the time that they would produce so well for so many years.  I also have some Shasta Daisies that are multiplying every year and thanks to the birds or rain water or my gardening angel, they are now popping up all around – even in other beds. 

As pretty as everything is now, I know as the weeks of summer unfold, my plants will grow and mature and strut their stuff beautifully.  I can’t wait to see what they have planned for me…

Here are a few of my early stars…


One of my favorites. 


Perfect!  Amazing form and color.

Two of four blooms on this plant. 


My Shasta Daisy - one of my first blooms this year.  Before long there will be hundreds. 

This beauty is from another Calla Lilly plant. 

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